Monday, September 22, 2014

Sewing Machine Reviews

When shopping for a sewing machine, there are so many different types on the market that it can be confusing to find the right one to fit your experience and needs.

Sometimes reviews are often just advertorial pieces by the manufacturers that talk about the sewing machine in glowing terms. There are not many real reviews by real users. So in an attempt to rectify that, my wonderful readers have submitted reviews of their own machines - the good, the bad and the ugly!

Thanks so much to all the fabulous people who took the time to write up their review! I have categorised the sewing machine reviews into groups by manufacturer. I hope this information helps anyone looking to buy a new machine!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Frocks and Cocktails

It may not be true for everyone, but I am going to generalise and say that the art of dressing for an occasion is dying. But last night, it returned in all it's glory when I went to dinner and drinks with a group of about 20 fellow Melbournian sewing enthusiasts.

Most of the group were women who sew for themselves, and almost everyone was wearing a dress that they had made. It was brilliant. All the dresses were classic designs, often with a nod to vintage style.

I'm sitting 2nd from left between Abby & Liz

A favourite moment was when a few of us were at the bar and a guy tapped Abby on the shoulder and asked "Are you girls having a Mad Men themed party?"

Friday, September 12, 2014

DIY Hair Clips and Hairbands - Review

Melissa from Think Bowtique, the huge online craft and haberdashery supplier and one of my lovely blog sponsors, recently asked if there were any items from her store that I would like to use for a crafty project.

After a quick browse, I asked her to put together some flowers, hair clips and associated accessories so I could sit down with Anna and have a girly craft afternoon.

Melissa totally nailed the brief - check out this lovely bunch of goodies that arrived super quick in the mailbox only two days after we'd exchanged emails!

Armed with my trusty glue gun, Anna matched the blingy little diamantes with the various flowers and I glued her creations together. The butterfly diamantes were the drawcard and she wanted to glue them to ALL THE THINGS.

We also used the pink fold over elastic to make a couple of headbands, where I hand stitched the flowers to the elastic.

My models were having a "we only get out of bed for ten thousand dollars" type of day so the pictures really don't do the finished products justice.

Thanks kiddos. I'm trying to be all professional here. You are letting my facade slip!

And while it's supposed to be me with all the brilliant crafty ideas, Anna said while we played with the big pile of lush faux flowers "Mum, we should do this at my birthday party when I turn six."


I intend to ask Melissa to make up a flowers and hair clips party pack for me so Anna and her buddies can have a ball making their own designer hair accessories. Crafty fun activity and party favours all in one go. Think Bowtique's prices are significantly better than large craft stores and her range of colours and items are much wider, so buying in bulk is really affordable.

If you are a maker who sells at markets, a seamstress who uses a lot of embellishments, makes dance wear or hair accessories, or you are just a crafty person like me who likes to have fun with pretty things, you should definitely visit Think Bowtique and check out Melissa's great range of ribbons, elastics, flowers and other crafty supplies.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Sewing Kit For Beginners : Review

Back in the days when I was just first getting interested in sewing, I wish I had've found this kit.

Before I had a fabric stash, before I had a selection of thread, before I was able to just guess what size zipper I needed...and I still freak out in the interfacing section at Spotlight.

Sarah from Hunting for Ladybugs is one of my lovely sponsors (check out her cool gif in the sidebar) and she asked if I'd like to review one of her sewing kits. She sent me the kit as if I was a regular paying customer so I could get the full experience.

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